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Web Development training (also known as Static Web Development) is mainly focused on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript technologies. Static web development training does not involve server-side training and is focused only on client side(browsers) web development.

Training Objectives:-
  1. → HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript training.
  2. → Learn to perform client side form validations
  3. → Build a complete website
  4. → Learn to style and animate the web elements.
  5. → Build responsive website.
  6. → Upload website using FTP

Topics Covered
→ HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
→ Git Version Control → IntelliJ IDE

Price: $1300 CAD
Prerequisite: None
Duration: 15 Weeks

1) HTML5
  1. Introduction to HTML
  2. HTML Elements and Attributes
  3. HTML formatting
  4. IFrames, Framesets, Tables, Links, Lists, DIV and SPAN tags
  5. HTML Responsive designing
  6. Designing websites that suits across various devices.
  7. HTML forms and input elements
  8. Canvas, Audio and Video
  9. Geolocation APIs
  10. Webstorage APIs
2) CSS 3
  1. CSS styles and attributes
  2. Inheritance in CSS
  3. Working with Colors and Gradients
  4. 2D and 3D transformations
  5. ViewPort, GridView, Audio and Videos
3) JavaScript Course

Support Services:
  1. → 3 Mock Interviews
  2. → Attend 3 sessions (3 hr/session) after the course is completed.
Price: $200 CAD

*Support Services are optional to all the courses.