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SQL is an ANSI standard computer language for dealing with relational databases. When IBM first developed the language, it was called SEQUEL which later got abbreviated into SQL. SEQUEL was an abbreviation for Structured English Query Language. Most database management systems use SQL for interacting with their databases. MySQL and PostgreSQL are among the most widely used database management systems which use SQL. Lesser known open source database management using SQL are Ingres and Firebird.

This training will let you to create database and tables, and also write queries to read/update/delete data from the tables.

Topics Covered
→ Installing MySQL Server
→ Creating database and tables
→ CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations with SQL

Price: $500 CAD
Prerequisite: None
Duration: 6 Weeks
Schedule:  To enroll to this course, Please send us an email to contact@sanrus.ca

1) Introduction to SQL
2) Creating database
3) Creating tables
4) Retrieving data from database
5) Inserting data to the database
6) Modifying columns and its data
7) Inner and Outer joins
8) Creating constraints
9) Working with SQL data types