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Kotlin is a programming language developed by JetBrains Inc for modern multiplatform applications. Kotlin is focused on increasing developer’s productivity and be interoperable with Java language. It can be used almost everywhere Java language is used, i.e. android apps, server-side and etc. Kotlin code can also be compiled to JavaScript and even to iOS native code.

This course mostly focused in providing skills and knowledge to work with Java language and covers most of the language features that are listed in course outline.

Topics Covered
→ Kotlin Programming Language
→ Gradle
→ Git Version Control

Price: $1000 CAD
Prerequisite: Core Java
Duration: 12 Weeks
Schedule:  To enroll to this course, Please send us an email to contact@sanrus.ca

1) Introduction to Kotlin Programming Language
  1. Introduction to language
  2. Compiling and running Kotlin code on command line/terminal
  3. Kotlin with Gradle & Maven
  4. Kotlin with Java in a project
2)Kotlin Basics
  1. Data Types, Val and Var
  2. Using Ranges
  3. Control Statements (if-else, for loops, switch)
  4. When expression
  5. How Kotlin handles null values
  6. Strings
3)Object Oriented Programming in Kotlin
  1. Writing Classes and Methods/Functions
  2. Defining functions: Single expression and Member functions
  3. Local and Top-level functions
  4. Extension functions
  5. Named and Default parameters
  6. This keyword
  7. Visibility modifiers
  8. Nested, Sealed & Data classes
  9. Companion objects
  10. Enum
  1. Operator overloading
  2. In/Contains
  3. Get/Set
  4. Java Interop
5)Standard Library Functions
  1. Apply
  2. Let
  3. With
  4. Run
  5. Lazy
  6. Use
  7. Repeat
  8. Require/assert/check
6)Generic functions
  1. Kotlin and Java interoperability
  1. Abstract Classes
  2. Interfaces
  3. Overriding methods
9)Higher Order functions
10)Functional Programming
11)Kotlin Properties
12)Null Safety, Reflection and Annotations
13)Coroutines (Multithreading in Kotlin)