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Data Structures is an important subject for Computer Science and Engineering field. This course provides a strong foundation on logical and mathematical model of storing and organizing the data in a computer memory, and this knowledge is also required for sorting and searching the data.

Various kinds of data structure are taught in this course, and how the Time (CPU Cycles) and Space (Memory) is affected for each sorting technique is discussed as well. Interview questions and answers are provided and discussed in each session.

Topics Covered
→ Data Structure using Java
→ Git Version Control

Price: $1500 CAD
Prerequisite: None
Duration: 15 Weeks

Schedule:  To enroll to this course, Please send us an email to contact@sanrus.ca

1) Introduction to Data Structures
  1. Data Types, Abstraction and Levels
  2. Primitive and Class based Types
  3. Algorithms: Complexity and Time-Space Tradeoff
  4. Big-O Notation
2) Arrays and Records
  1. Linear Arrays and its representation in Memory
  2. Traversing, Searching, Inserting and Deleting records
  3. Linear Search
  4. Binary Search
  5. Multi dimensional arrays and Matrices
3) Linked Lists
  1. Representation of Linked list in Memory
  2. Traversing, Searching, Inserting and Deleting records
  3. Doubly linked lists
  4. Circular linked lists
  5. Header linked lists
  6. Interview Questions and Answers
4) Stacks, Queues and Recursion
  1. Stacks and its representation in memory
  2. Queues and its representation in memory
  3. Array representation of Stacks & Queues
  4. Linked list representation of Stacks & Queues
  5. Recursion
  6. Tower of Hanoi
  7. Circular Queues
  8. Deques
  9. Priority Queues
  10. Interview Questions and Answers
5) Trees
  1. Binary Trees
  2. Traversing, Inserting, Deleting and Searching a node
  3. Balanced binary trees
  4. AVL Search Trees
  5. Inserting & Deletion in an AVL search tree
  6. m-way trees
  7. Searching, Inserting and Deletion in an m-way Search tree
  8. B+- Trees
  9. Red-Black Trees
  10. Heap and Heapsort
  11. Huffmans' algorithm
  12. Interview Questions and Answers
6) Graphs
  1. Graph Theory terminology
  2. Sequential representation of Graphs; Adjacent Matrix and Path matrix
  3. Warshalls Algorithm: Shortest Paths
  4. Linked representation of Graphs
  5. Traversing and operations on a Graph
  6. Topology sorting
  7. Interview Questions and Answers
7) Sorting Algorithms
  1. Inserting Sort
  2. Selection Sort
  3. Merge Sort
  4. Shell Sort
  5. Radix Sort
  6. Hashing
  7. Interview Questions and Answers